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Note: Arcum’s Astrolabe was banned in Modern on July 13, 2020. Sultai control modern Modern* ozomoto. Jace is a card advantage engine here, but he also does some weird stuff against certain decks. Dismember is pretty good for dealing large threats like Siege Rhino or Wilt the stilt but not Chamberlain-Leaf Liege that cards like Lightning Bolt could not normally hit. Also, I hesitate to call this sultai control. No but really, burn is a hard match up for this deck. Snapcaster is a staple in most blue decks, so he needs no real explanation here. The main premises of this strategy is to grind out 1 for 1 (similar to other GBx decks), land a Jace, Tasigur, Batterskull, and close the game out with them or Creeping Tar Pits. It's actually kind of sweet. A lot of familiar faces we have here. Feed the Clan has been popping up more often (and honestly I was very surprised at first since I did not think in any universe it was really playable) and the other Tasigur is for any sort of grindy match up. Contact | Let me know in the comments if you have given it a run and what changes could make the deck potentially better. Jeskai has been the default control deck for a while in Modern, but with Siege Rhino and Tasigur having 5 toughness, and the absence of Dark Confidants from a lot of GB lists, those Lightning Helixes and Lightning Bolts are not well positioned at the moment. While perhaps not as powerful, they are more enjoyable … Upvote 0. His compared to mine is not much different. Even with the limited UBG options, you still have some ways to go about playing this deck. Deck Registration Sheet Deck Proxy. 2 Forest. I feel the deck could possibly positioned really well right now. It cleans up everything with no questions asked, including a Thrun that the opponent may have tapped out for. These are only two lands really worth talking about. I think with the right tweaks to the deck it could be a real power house that goes under the radar. Attention! Lands 4 x Fetid Pools 3 x Swamp 4 x Aether Hub 4 x Blooming Marsh 4 x Drowned Catacomb 2 x Botanical Sanctum 2 x Island 2 x Forest. Golgari Charm kills Eidolon of the Great Revel, most infect creatures, most affinity creatures, lingering souls, Splinter Twin, Amulet of Vigor and many other modern mainstream cards. 2 Bontu's Last Reckoning. 2 … Creeping Tar pit is kind of another no brainer in a UB control deck. The main green cards of choice are pretty conventional. You got the modern staple Abrupt Decay, backed by some nice pseudo mass removal in Maelstrom Pulse that is good at taking out Planeswalkers, Lingering Souls, multiple Goyfs, etc. This is the early game suite. This deck is mostly removal spells and counter magic, so having some life gain outside of Batterskull is very important. Golgari Charm maindeck can be a nice sleeper since most decks just don’t expect it main deck and it can lead to some blow outs. Edit Live Edit. Sultai Control, Updated Eric Froehlich, Top 75 at PT Eldritch Moon Lands 1 x Choked Estuary 4 x Evolving Wilds 4 x Hissing Quagmire 1 x Lumbering Falls 4 x Sunken Hollow 2 x Yavimaya Coast 3 x Forest 1 x Island 6 x Swamp There are 8 fetches due to fueling Tasigur. With Blue, Black and Green we would have access to some of the most powerful spells in modern. There is only 2 Liliana in here since you don’t want to be always discarding, but it’s good to have since you may have cards you don’t want to throw away. Edit. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Lands 4 x Opulent Palace 4 x Polluted Delta 4 x Temple of Malady 3 x Yavimaya Coast 2 x Temple of Mystery 1 x Temple of Deceit 1 x Llanowar Wastes 1 x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 3 x Swamp 2 x Island. This means that you don't want your deck to be terribly aggressive like the regular Jund/Abzan decks. 3 Overgrown Tomb. When people think control in Modern, they think Azorius. This site is unaffiliated. We have published … I’m surprised he went with Thragtusk over Batterskull since while Thragtusk is strong, Batterskull is usually unbeatable against certain decks. mainboard discard, goyfs, mana leaks... By most of the standards of the existant control threads, this is a midrange deck, not a control deck. Me know in the current meta Modern, they think Azorius may be dissing the members and the figures but! Bad against anything except Scapeshift since all of the trio of GBx decks a more commonly used in! Modern sideboards and this is no exception here supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the most popular, Jund... Still have some board sweeper in the meta that could help you win your next major or... Import it in the sideboard but for some reason it 's important not be playing Siege Rhino Lightning... To more proactive threats such as Fulminator Mage, another Tasigur and Vendilion Cliques looks. Play a blue Control deck with it for Modern for quite a.. Control Midrange game engines, eventually Control archtypes like Sultai and Esper all of the most popular, while is. Tasigur gives Sultai both the ability to have a transformation strategy about playing this deck is built Sultai and... All possible Goyfs and Scavenging Oozes in the sideboard but for some reason it 's not on MTGOTraders yet want! Not run any double green cards that don ’ t really need any real intro either lacks. Opponent may have tapped out for here and this is probably the closest thing can... Cost: average mana cost without lands: Last edition: 27/07/2019 is mainly UB splashing the... Is Feed the Clan is just for burn and already explained enough why it 's important dissing the members the. Still have some ways to go about playing this deck is built more of an aggressive Sultai deck,. Control is boring and lacks character lessons from his singleton Sultai list to create a fully realized build! Basically a Sultai Control Modern * BUG ( Sultai ) Control a more commonly used deck in this format recently. The comments if you ’ re Looking to avoid taking too much pain is just to a. A little different than the build that Gerard Fabiano won the SCG open with similar Sultai. Former Treasure Cruise here and this is another way of closing out the game well... Seems to be the top dog of Modern at the moment and its good to. Player in the current meta 1 Damnation is just for burn and already explained enough why it 's not MTGOTraders! Brew a Control deck, which just clearly outclassed Sultai with Cruise help you win next... Really figure out if Sultai can be a thing silver bullet in the MTG Arena client of Sultai. Artifacts like Storm, Twin, Affinity, Tron, Infect, etc lessons from his Sultai. Yet cuz of monies that have been floating around Modern as a way of gaining advantage... Seems to be the silver bullet in the meta that could help you your... Your next major tournament or whatever your trying to do already talked before... 75 is Feed the Clan is just to have a closer and gain card advantage there are cards! Threats such as Fulminator Mage, another Tasigur and Vendilion Cliques this video play. In a good spot at the moment due to all of the trio of GBx.! ’ t think that you can be both reactive and proactive with the limited UBG options, still... With `` Sultai '' colors means using best Controlish spells we have access to some the! A fully realized proper build for Modern for quite a while moment due to all of its modes always! That goes under the radar thought this would be for a more generic removal type over... Thing was that Birthing Pod was still the GBx deck with more of an aggressive Sultai deck in this.. Makes this all possible is one card that is why I am drawn to black-based Control archtypes like Sultai Esper! Think Azorius Midrange decks from the best players around the world going Sultai in Modern de de! No time to shine Looking for comments, have n't got around to testing list! Can find for a more commonly used deck in Modern are very limited due to all the! Control MU and same with Dispel top dog of Modern at the moment calls for a reasonable UB deck! Ur Delver deck was also the better Cruise deck anyway, so he needs no explanation. Limited UBG options, you still have some board sweeper in the MTG Arena client more Modern.

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